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Мобильный официант eats
You could order and pick-up whenever you want from the nearest cafes and restaurants. Just choose "Take-away" option in the app, pay online. Safe time and take care of your health.
If you want delivery of anything from our restaurants, you should choose a "Delivery" option. Your order will be delivered carefully and safely by our courier or by a restaurant if they have a delivery service.
You could also have your meal ready by the time you want, you will definitely safe time, no need to wait for waiters and your bill is already paid.
Place the order using eats. mobile app in a restaurant by scanning QR-code which you can find on a table-tent. For both you choose "Dine-in" option.
Local search
Загрузите мобильное приложение eats. Для оформления заказа, потребуется ваш номер телефона, укажите его. При включенной гео-локации, выберите ближайшее заведение.
Electronic MENU
Используя электронное меню выбранного заведения, добавьте блюда в корзину, укажите удобное для вас время готовности заказа и способ обслуживания "С собой" или "Доставка".
Bill is already paid
Оплатите заказ картой или с помощью ApplePay или GooglePay. Push-уведомления проинформируют о статусах вашего заказа. Кэшбэк за заказ будет приятным дополнением.
Loyalty Program
Get money for all your and your friends' orders
Get money into your e-wallet. Use it for your future orders.
Engage your friends using our Referral Program, collect cashback for every purchase.
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